The Last Bridge across Mostar

Katrina Winslow, an American school teacher in Mostar, sets out to rescue the surviving orphans from the raid that killed her family. In a terrifying trek across Bosnia with the children, dwelling in caves to elude their enemies, she confronts the guilt and inferiority that have marked her past.

Austrian CEO, Lucien Brezac, joins the Bosnian war after Serbian forces murder his grandfather and cousins. A Croatian captain, haunted by the war, Lucien seeks to earn Katrina and the children’s trust.

Vita, a Bosnian with the Muslim rogue army, plots to destroy Mostar’s Croats.  To divert attention from her illegal arms deals, she accuses Katrina of spying. As Katrina seeks to save the children and the city she has grown to love, she confronts her shadow and learns to accept herself and Lucien's help.

The Paris Conspiracy

When CIA agent Gayle Regan goes undercover in Paris to probe alleged pension fund theft, she gets dangerously close to a terrorist plot to bomb several major world cities. She is mugged, left for dead and has her identity stolen. With her apartment vacated, her bank accounts depleted and not knowing who is trying to kill her, she becomes a hunted fugitive. Where can she go and whom can she trust—an ex-fiancé who left her at the altar, her CIA handler, or an airline executive with his own agenda? On the run she encounters CEO Matt Carey who is also under siege. They join forces with her brothers from Texas to unravel the conspiracy, threatening them and three major cities.

"I want to write stories that keep readers turning the pages and hope in the telling to be transparent about  the truths which have  brightened and shadowed my life." 


Kendrick's short stories appear in Fall From Innocence, Page One Publications, and in Suddenly, Suddenly II and Suddenly IV, Martin House and her articles  in the Door of Hope Magazine, The Conroe Courier and The Huntsville Item.